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Waveform Database Generator (Version 2) Data Set
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Abstract: CART book's waveform domains

Data Set Characteristics:  

Multivariate, Data-Generator

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Attribute Characteristics:


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Original Owners:

Breiman,L., Friedman,J.H., Olshen,R.A., & Stone,C.J. (1984).
Classification and Regression Trees. Wadsworth International
Group: Belmont, California. (see pages 43-49).


David Aha

Data Set Information:

-- 3 classes of waves
-- 40 attributes, all of which include noise
-- The latter 19 attributes are all noise attributes with mean 0 and variance 1
-- See the book for details (49-55, 169)
-- contains 5000 instances

Attribute Information:

-- Each class is generated from a combination of 2 of 3 "base" waves
-- Each instance is generated f added noise (mean 0, variance 1) in each attribute
-- See the book for details (49-55, 169)

Relevant Papers:

Leo Breiman, Jerome H. Friedman, Adam Olshen, Jonathan Stone. "Classification and Regression Trees." 1984.
[Web Link]

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