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Zoo Data Set
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Abstract: Artificial, 7 classes of animals

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Attribute Characteristics:

Categorical, Integer

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Richard Forsyth


Richard S. Forsyth
8 Grosvenor Avenue
Mapperley Park
Nottingham NG3 5DX

Data Set Information:

A simple database containing 17 Boolean-valued attributes. The "type" attribute appears to be the class attribute. Here is a breakdown of which animals are in which type: (I find it unusual that there are 2 instances of "frog" and one of "girl"!)

Class# -- Set of animals:
====== ====================================================
1 -- (41) aardvark, antelope, bear, boar, buffalo, calf, cavy, cheetah, deer, dolphin, elephant, fruitbat, giraffe, girl, goat, gorilla, hamster, hare, leopard, lion, lynx, mink, mole, mongoose, opossum, oryx, platypus, polecat, pony, porpoise, puma, pussycat, raccoon, reindeer, seal, sealion, squirrel, vampire, vole, wallaby,wolf
2 -- (20) chicken, crow, dove, duck, flamingo, gull, hawk, kiwi, lark, ostrich, parakeet, penguin, pheasant, rhea, skimmer, skua, sparrow, swan, vulture, wren
3 -- (5) pitviper, seasnake, slowworm, tortoise, tuatara
4 -- (13) bass, carp, catfish, chub, dogfish, haddock, herring, pike, piranha, seahorse, sole, stingray, tuna
5 -- (4) frog, frog, newt, toad
6 -- (8) flea, gnat, honeybee, housefly, ladybird, moth, termite, wasp
7 -- (10) clam, crab, crayfish, lobster, octopus, scorpion, seawasp, slug, starfish, worm

Attribute Information:

1. animal name: Unique for each instance
2. hair: Boolean
3. feathers: Boolean
4. eggs: Boolean
5. milk: Boolean
6. airborne: Boolean
7. aquatic: Boolean
8. predator: Boolean
9. toothed: Boolean
10. backbone: Boolean
11. breathes: Boolean
12. venomous: Boolean
13. fins: Boolean
14. legs: Numeric (set of values: {0,2,4,5,6,8})
15. tail: Boolean
16. domestic: Boolean
17. catsize: Boolean
18. type: Numeric (integer values in range [1,7])

Relevant Papers:

Forsyth's PC/BEAGLE User's Guide.

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