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Ecoli Data Set
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Abstract: This data contains protein localization sites

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Creator and Maintainer:

Kenta Nakai
Institue of Molecular and Cellular Biology
Osaka, University
1-3 Yamada-oka, Suita 565 Japan
nakai '@'\


Paul Horton (paulh '@'

See also: yeast database

Data Set Information:

The references below describe a predecessor to this dataset and its development. They also give results (not cross-validated) for classification by a rule-based expert system with that version of the dataset.

Reference: "Expert Sytem for Predicting Protein Localization Sites in Gram-Negative Bacteria", Kenta Nakai & Minoru Kanehisa, PROTEINS: Structure, Function, and Genetics 11:95-110, 1991.

Reference: "A Knowledge Base for Predicting Protein Localization Sites in Eukaryotic Cells", Kenta Nakai & Minoru Kanehisa, Genomics 14:897-911, 1992.

Attribute Information:

1. Sequence Name: Accession number for the SWISS-PROT database
2. mcg: McGeoch's method for signal sequence recognition.
3. gvh: von Heijne's method for signal sequence recognition.
4. lip: von Heijne's Signal Peptidase II consensus sequence score. Binary attribute.
5. chg: Presence of charge on N-terminus of predicted lipoproteins. Binary attribute.
6. aac: score of discriminant analysis of the amino acid content of outer membrane and periplasmic proteins.
7. alm1: score of the ALOM membrane spanning region prediction program.
8. alm2: score of ALOM program after excluding putative cleavable signal regions from the sequence.

Relevant Papers:

Paul Horton & Kenta Nakai. "A Probablistic Classification System for Predicting the Cellular Localization Sites of Proteins".Intelligent Systems in Molecular Biology, 109-115. St. Louis, USA 1996.
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