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wiki4HE Data Set
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Abstract: Survey of faculty members from two Spanish universities on teaching uses of Wikipedia

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Regression, Clustering, Causal-Discovery

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E. Aibar, J. Lladós, A. Meseguer, J. Minguillón (jminguillona[at]uoc[dot]edu), M. Lerga. Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain.

Data Set Information:

Ongoing research on university faculty perceptions and practices of using Wikipedia as a teaching resource. Based on a Technology Acceptance Model, the relationships within the internal and external constructs of the model are analyzed. Both the perception of colleagues’ opinion about Wikipedia and the perceived quality of the information in Wikipedia play a central role in the obtained model.

Attribute Information:

AGE: numeric
GENDER: 0=Male; 1=Female
DOMAIN: 1=Arts & Humanities; 2=Sciences; 3=Health Sciences; 4=Engineering & Architecture; 5=Law & Politics
PhD: 0=No; 1=Yes
YEARSEXP (years of university teaching experience): numeric
UOC_POSITION (academic position of UOC members): 1=Professor; 2=Associate; 3=Assistant; 4=Lecturer; 5=Instructor; 6=Adjunct
OTHER (main job in another university for part-time members): 1=Yes; 2=No
OTHER_POSITION (work as part-time in another university and UPF members): 1=Professor; 2=Associate; 3=Assistant; 4=Lecturer; 5=Instructor; 6=Adjunct
USERWIKI (Wikipedia registered user): 0=No; 1=Yes

The following survey items are Likert scale (1-5) ranging from strongly disagree / never (1) to strongly agree / always (5)

Perceived Usefulness
PU1: The use of Wikipedia makes it easier for students to develop new skills
PU2: The use of Wikipedia improves students' learning
PU3: Wikipedia is useful for teaching

Perceived Ease of Use
PEU1: Wikipedia is user-friendly
PEU2: It is easy to find in Wikipedia the information you seek
PEU3: It is easy to add or edit information in Wikipedia

Perceived Enjoyment
ENJ1: The use of Wikipedia stimulates curiosity
ENJ2: The use of Wikipedia is entertaining

QU1: Articles in Wikipedia are reliable
QU2: Articles in Wikipedia are updated
QU3: Articles in Wikipedia are comprehensive
QU4: In my area of expertise, Wikipedia has a lower quality than other educational resources
QU5: I trust in the editing system of Wikipedia

VIS1: Wikipedia improves visibility of students' work
VIS2: It is easy to have a record of the contributions made in Wikipedia
VIS3: I cite Wikipedia in my academic papers

Social Image
IM1: The use of Wikipedia is well considered among colleagues
IM2: In academia, sharing open educational resources is appreciated
IM3: My colleagues use Wikipedia

Sharing attitude
SA1: It is important to share academic content in open platforms
SA2: It is important to publish research results in other media than academic journals or books
SA3: It is important that students become familiar with online collaborative environments

Use behaviour
USE1: I use Wikipedia to develop my teaching materials
USE2: I use Wikipedia as a platform to develop educational activities with students
USE3: I recommend my students to use Wikipedia
USE4: I recommend my colleagues to use Wikipedia
USE5: I agree my students use Wikipedia in my courses

Profile 2.0
PF1: I contribute to blogs
PF2: I actively participate in social networks
PF3: I publish academic content in open platforms

Job relevance
JR1: My university promotes the use of open collaborative environments in the Internet
JR2: My university considers the use of open collaborative environments in the Internet as a teaching merit

Behavioral intention
BI1: In the future I will recommend the use of Wikipedia to my colleagues and students
BI2: In the future I will use Wikipedia in my teaching activity

INC1: To design educational activities using Wikipedia, it would be helpful: a best practices guide
INC2: To design educational activities using Wikipedia, it would be helpful: getting instruction from a colleague
INC3: To design educational activities using Wikipedia, it would be helpful: getting specific training
INC4: To design educational activities using Wikipedia, it would be helpfull: greater institutional recognition

EXP1: I consult Wikipedia for issues related to my field of expertise
EXP2: I consult Wikipedia for other academic related issues
EXP3: I consult Wikipedia for personal issues
EXP4: I contribute to Wikipedia (editions, revisions, articles improvement...)
EXP5: I use wikis to work with my students

Relevant Papers:

Meseguer, A., Aibar, E., Lladós, J., Minguillón, J., Lerga, M. (2015). “Factors that influence the teaching use of Wikipedia in Higher Education”. JASIST, Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology. ISSN: 2330-1635. doi: 10.1002/asi.23488.

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Please cite our JASIST paper if you use this dataset.

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